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A results-oriented individual with a Master Degree in Construction Law and Dispute Resolution from BUiD and Kings College London and a BSc in Electrical Engineering from the University of Tulsa, USA, and experience working in a senior position in construction industry.  Areas of technical skills and experience encompass Master Power Plans design and set-up for industrial, residential, commercial and public sectors, Business Startup and Development, Customer Acquisition, Retention and Relationship Management, Managing Relationships with higher management in governmental and private sectors, Decision Making on Electrical and Technology projects, Building and Leading Teams, Project Management and Execution in Multiple Industries . Extensive experience in working with customers and government authorities locally and regionally in power systems and networks. Extensive experience in working with customers and government authorities locally and regionally in the specialized tours and travel industry and real estate industry.   Arabic and English language skills.


Eng. Al Marzooqi regularly acts as chairman and party-appointed arbitrator in construction, energy, and real estate disputes, instructed by Courts and by arbitration centers in the UAE. He is prosecuting a large-value complex arbitration case spanning the commercial spectrum, with an emphasis on construction, hospitality, real estate and power energy proceedings. Eng Mohamed Al Marzooqi has handled cases under Dubai Courts (ad hoc) and DIAC arbitration rules.


 Eng. Al Marzooqi spends part of his professional time advising on construction and electrical engineering disputes. He has on hand experience in construction, property development, governmental laws related to real estate, investment strategies and other construction industry procurement strategies. He has also arbitrated and advised on arbitrations involving major real-estate developments for housing, office, retail, industry and leisure; power process and similar infrastructural development. He has also extensive experience in various investment vehicles, project security, guarantees, and long-term outsourcing and partnership arrangements.


Professional experience in Technical Expert, Arbitration, and Mediation:-


1.    A Sworn Technical Expert enlisted at Dubai Courts, Abu Dhabi Courts and Ministry of Justice since 1998, wherein I have prepared Expert Reports for tens of cases;

2.    2004 up to now Arbitrator and Technical Expert

3.    Had completed more than 250 cases with Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and The Ministry of Justice Courts as a Technical Expert

4.    Registered Arbitrator in DIAC, Ajman and Abu Dhabi Arbitration Centre;

5.    Construction and Real Estate Mediator

6.    Technical expert for cases under DIFC rules



Professional experience:-


1.         Proven excellent track experience in Electrical Engineering;

2.         Engineering experience in Air Conditioning works;

3.         Excellent track experience in Engineering Projects Management;

4.         Excellent track experience in the field of Real Estate Mediation;

5.         Excellent track experience in the field of Construction Mediation;

6.         Excellent track experience in the field of Real Estate Mediation;

7.         Proven track experience in the field of Banking Mediation;

8.         Excellent track experience in the field of Real Estate Development;

9.         Experience in FIDIC Contracts;

10.     Legal experience in Engineering disputes;

11.     Legal experience in Real Estate disputes;

12.     Legal experience in Engineering ( electrical and air conditioning disputes)


Legal and Arbitration skills


1.         Real Estate regulations and laws in the Emirate of Dubai;

2.         Arbitration laws for disputes;

3.         Study of the Judgements issued by Dubai Courts and Federal Courts in connection with Experts;

4.         Judgements issued in connection with Real Estate Development in Dubai Courts;

5.         Law of Civil Procedures;

6.         Law of Evidence;

7.                           Commercial Law.


Fields of expertise:

1.         Electrical engineering (power)

2.         Construction disputes

3.         Real estate disputes

4.         Air Conditioning disputes

Arbitration cases


1.    4 miscellaneous cases in Dubai Courts (sole Arbitrator) – Finalized;

2.    A case exceeding an amount of US$ One Billion by Dubai International Arbitration Centre in a Construction and Real Estate Development Dispute (Member in Arbitration Tribunal appointed by the Plaintiff) – Still under Arbitration process;

3.    A case exceeding an amount of US$4.00 Million by Dubai International Arbitration Centre in a Technical Construction Dispute (Member in Arbitration Tribunal appointed by the Centre) – finalized;

4.    A case exceeding an amount of US$0.300 Million by Dubai International Arbitration Centre in a Technical Construction Dispute (Member in Arbitration Tribunal appointed by the Centre) – finalized;

5.    A case exceeding an amount of US$1.50 Million by Dubai International Arbitration Centre in a Technical Construction Dispute (Member in Arbitration Tribunal appointed by the Centre) – finalized;

6.    A case exceeding an amount of US$15.00 Million by Dubai Courts (Sole Arbitrator) – finalized;

7.    A case exceeding an amount of US$2.00 Million by Dubai Courts (Sole Arbitrator) – Finalized;

8.    A case exceeding an amount of US$5.00 Million by Dubai Courts (Sole Arbitrator) – not finalized.


Mediation cases


1.    It is to be noted that almost 30% of the cases being appointed by UAE courts are finalised in settlement agreement. These cases are exposed in our website www.almc.ae

2.    I was the first technical expert who was selected by the disputed partied and appointed by DIAC to provide a technical opinion in a dispute.

3.    I am the first and the only technical expert who received a certificate “The Best Settlement Expert” in Dubai Courts 2013.

4.    I finalized recently a mediation case between two family parties which ended a dispute since 2012. The value of the dispute was $ 50 Million.

5.    Practicing mediation since 2006.

6.    Was involved in a settlement discussion with 12 local banks in 2016.



Engineering specialized Certificates obtained


1.         Management of Infrastructure projects in the United States of America – 1985;

2.         Management of Team work under harsh circumstances – Britain 1987;

3.         Management and analysis of control centers in Electrical Network in Kuwait – 1990;

4.         Management of Executive Projects in Britain – 1994;

5.         Management of Construction Contracts in the U.S. – 1995;

6.         Management of Engineering Projects in the U.A.E. – 1998;

7.         Value Engineering – U.A.E. – 1991;

8.         Control of Engineering Projects and methods of control – U.A.E. – 1993;

9.         Electronic control in Electrical Network in Kuwait – 1990;

10.     Operation and maintenance of Electrical Generators in Bahrain – 1990;

11.     Analysis of Electrical systems in Saudi Arabia – 1990;

12.     Advanced Management for Engineering Projects – U.S.A. – 1995;

13.     How to face unexpected claims for Construction Projects in Bahrain – 1992;

14.     How to identify the requirements of construction projects in Bahrain – 1992;

15.     Betterment of productivity and cutting back cost in Turkey – 1993;

16.     Quality ISO 9000, Dubai – 1995;


Specialized Certificates in Real Estate Development


1.       Methods and mechanisms of Real Estate Development, Dubai – 2006;

2.       Real Estate mediation, Dubai - 2006;

3.       Development of Real Estate laws in the Emirate of Dubai – 2009;


Technical inspection for equipment (approved for supply) in factories


I have conducted a number of field visits for inspection works for Electrical equipment to verify compliance with technical specifications agreed upon and compliance with International standard specifications which includes but not limited to:-




Gas Turbines

Berlin – Germany


33 KV Switchgears

Berlin and Mecon, France



Oxford, Britain


Gas Turbine

Asin, Germany



Lohafra, France


Various Electrical equipment

Lion, France


33 KV Switchgear

Lion, France


SCADA System

Osaka, Japan


Communication System

Geneva, Switzerland


33 KV Cables



33 KV Cables

Mumbai, India


132 KV, 11 KV Insulators

New York, U.S.A.



Manchester, Britain


11 KV Cable Terminations

Northampton shire, Britain


33 KV Cables

Riyadh, K.S.A.


O/L Conductors



132 – 220 KV O/L Insulators



O/L Conductors



33 KV Cables

France and Germany




University and Scientific Degrees and Membership


1.         Electrical Engineering with major in Power projects from Tulsa University, Oklahoma, U.S.A. – 1986;

2.         M.Sc. Construction Law and Dispute Resolution in The British University in association with Kings College (London), Dubai 2013

3.         Member of Project American Managements’ Association;

4.         Member of National Association of Business Coaches;

5.         Fellowship Member in the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (FCIArb);

6.         Technical Expert registered with the Ministry of Justice;

7.         Technical Expert registered with Dubai Courts;

8.         Arbitrator enlisted with Dubai International Arbitration Centre;

9.         Arbitrator enlisted with Abu Dhabi Arbitration Centre;

10.     Certificate in The Essentials of Community Association Management;

11.     Certificate in Certified Diploma in Real Estate;

12.     Certificate in Certified Training for Real Estate Brokers.


Committee Membership:

1.    Chairman of MEP engineering committee for technical verification of new experts applying to Ministry of Justice

2.    Member of the higher committee of experts and arbitrators in Dubai Courts


Published reports:

More than 100 expert reports in the field of electrical engineering, air conditioning, real estate, construction disputes are published in www.almc.ae.