Arbitration and Litigation Services

Arbitration and Litigation Services

Where litigation or arbitration is unavoidable, we have considerable experience of working as an integrated part of our clients’ legal teams or under the leadership of appointed solicitors, legal counsel or the Courts. Our experts will help you through each stage of an arbitration or if your dispute escalates through to Court proceedings (whether these are conducted in Arabic or in English), to understand the intricacies of local law and process. We can provide opinions for your legal counsel on technical and contractual matter, allowing them to determine how to progress your claim or defense.

As part of our dispute resolution services we can assist you in providing expert opinions on various matters, including quantum, delay, project management, disruption and the loss of productivity and profit.

One of the most important aspects in any dispute is to ensure you have a clear understanding of the contractual implications of your project documentation. We provide in depth reviews on all documentation and how these will affect your position. We are able to provide you with an expert advice on the preparation of your claim or defense as well as providing a clear assessment of the quantum of the claim from a technical point of view.

We have significant experience in data management and electronic discovery, including computer forensics, litigation data analysis and email reconstruction.

Whatever the stage of your dispute, we are able to provide expert assistance, ensuring you fee supported throughout the process. we are very expert in  arbitral award annulment in Dubai

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