Expert Witness Services and Construction investigations

Witness expert in Dubai

If you foresee a potential dispute arising in relation to your development or project, please feel free to contact us for a free consultation. By hiring an expert witness early in your case, in particular, one with specific industry experience, you will gain valuable insight into the circumstances of a dispute, and how to avoid it from escalating.

Our main goal is to assist our clients in settling their disputes out of Court, significantly reducing the time and cost of extensive Court hearings. The earlier we are consulted the more likely it is that we can assist you in avoiding litigation.

At this early stage we can guide you through sometimes complex issues surrounding development projects in the region. We can provide you with an independent technical assessment of the site; an assessment of the project documentation, establishing what relevant documentation should exist and what is missing; what to look for and request to see during a site inspection and how to interpret data and spot any misinterpretation.

We can shed light on how the other side operates, and how their competitors operate; what safeguards were available, but missing. Most importantly, we can advise you on what form and content a claim should take in order to achieve a timely and non-litigious resolution and how to prepare persuasive position statements for favorable and informed settlements.

Please contact us to discuss the particular issues concerning your dispute.



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