Technical - Legal Consultancies in Construction Disputes

Technical - Legal Consultancies in Construction Disputes

We provide in depth technical-legal analysis and advice (related to technical issues) on all contractual documentation at instigation of the project and during project cycle with a view to assessing legal risk and ensuring the avoidance of future disputes. To assist in the management of your project we provide in-depth project guidelines and plans to ensure that all local and international regulations are complied with and that the project is managed efficiently and with time and cost constraints in mind.

Our other consultancy services include the review and comment on bid documents, drawings, specifications and other contract documents to analyze the risk profile of the project as well as a review of legal documentation to ensure protection in the event that a dispute is threatened.

We can provide advice in relation to changes to codes and standards and how these will affect an ongoing project as well as auditing services, examining project documentation and the project management process to access the health of the project and provide guidelines and recommendations for the improvement of your managerial and administrative process to reduce risk and ensure timely completion. we are very known for Techno-legal expert in Dubai

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